Caravan Herbals
Philadelphia, PA
Workshop Descriptons
Herbal first aid
Immune Boosters & Regulators
Natural first aid at your fingertips! Natural first aid at your fingertips! In this workshop, we will discuss the medicinal properties of some common plants, and learn recipes to make a variety of herbal first-aid products. You will learn how to treat various first aid situations, from minor cuts to bee stings, with herbs. In the interactive portion of this class we will create an effective bug repellent.
Our high-stress lifestyles and the condition of our environment take a toll on our immune system and our ability to withstand sickness and keep our body functions working properly. In herbal medicine there are numerous protocols for helping an individual stay healthy. 
In this workshop, you will learn talk how to properly care for your immune system throughout the year. Together, we will all make elderberry elixer - a delicious and easy-to-make immune system boosting syrup!
Design your own
Stress Relief - Calming Herbs and Adaptogens
Contact me to talk about your interests. I'd be happy to develop a course as an addition for a yoga retreat, a wellness day or for you and your friends. 

Your custom workshop can be focused on theory and herbal knowledge like tea blending and formulating, or just fun preparations for a girl's night like infused body oils. 
Herbal remedies can promote immune function, calm an anxious mind, aid sleep, and promote detoxification and renewal. Our body is hit with stressors in our everyday lives - external environmental stress like pollution, internal stress from our responsibilities and commitments, and noise and light from the city and electronics can set our brains on high alert. In this workshop, we will make tea blends and discuss how adaptogens work on our body’s response to stress, as well as herbs that work together with them to relax and renew.