Caravan Herbals
Philadelphia, PA
 Herbs connect us to nature and our ancestors in a way that few other things do, which is why I think so many people become obsessed when they start learning about plant based medicine. They remind us that we’ve lost something along the way, that we often didn’t know was missing, and we are eager to reconnect ourselves to it.

From the time I was a child, I have been facisnated by nature. Beneath the towering trees in the backyard of my Ohio home, I would stare at the tiny little mushrooms that would pop up as the weather warmed the ground, and remember the secadas that carpeted our yard that one year after their 17 year hibernation. I try to bring this sense of wonder to my classes.

I have always been a maker, and I have a clear memory of my first formulation - little glass bottles filled with water and spices from our kitchen drawer - cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract - floating in bits in the water. There were definitely no proper emulsions in that creation.  While I have not continued that particular method, I try to bring this sense of experimentation to classes to show people that there is much to be learned from our folk traditions, and they do not have to be a botanist or a chemist
to incorporate these plants into their lives. 

Herbalism is a lifelong pursuit! I have found classes to be a rewarding way to spark interest in herbalism in others, as well as to internalize everything I am learning along my journey.
I have developed my knowledge over years of interest and curiousity, through my mentors, as well as endless reading and experimentation:
  • Apothecary Manager at Tooth of the Lion Farm & Apothecary
  • Ongoing apprenticeship and guidance from Linda Shanahan, RN and Clinical Herbalist at Barefoot Botanicals
  • Herbal Academy of New England Intermedia​te Course Certificate
  • 7 Years working in the natural food industry 
I'm happy to travel within the Philadelphia Area for workshops. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me for details.
My Purpose and Method
i teach classes that focus primarily on making, and pull from traditional uses of plants in both western and ayurvedic tradition to suggest ways they can be incorporated into modern life. by identifying imbalances, as both patterns and underlying causes, we can use plants as herbal allies.

*I'm not a licensed healthcare practitioner, and do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe plants or medicine for any purpose.